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Default Re: Disappointments in doom 3

Perfect compared to what? Compared to what it was meant to be, or compared to something that it was never going to be? I consider it pretty damn near a perfect version of this sort of game.
I wasn't comparing it to anything. This isn't about comparisons, it's about people on this board that are trying to make out this game is almost perfect. And, like I said, it isn't.

Let me ask you people this,
Why couldn't there have been a checkbox that allows the player to decide if he/she wants to carry a torch AND gun ?
Then surely, *I* get to decide how *I* want to play Doom 3, NOT Carmack, or you lot.
I'm getting a little sick and tired of games designers who
1. Think they are Steven flippin Spielberg
2. Think they can tell the player how He/She should be playing the game.
3. Write fantastic looking engines, but forget about actually writing a game to compliment it.

Thing is, I don't even find complete darkness even remotely scary. I'm not afraid of the dark, so why is it such a used cliche, where it's used as a cheap gimmick to scare people ?
Would you go and watch a horror movie, that was completely filmed in pitch black darkness, and all you could do was listen to sound effects ?
Would you find it scary ?
I would be more frustrated, and p*ssed off, than feeling tension, and fear.

I'm not saying you are all wrong, far from it. But for a game thats taken years to develop, I would of expected a lot more thought put in to it.
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