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Default Re: Disappointments in doom 3

Originally Posted by D.K.Tronics
I wasn't comparing it to anything. This isn't about comparisons, it's about people on this board that are trying to make out this game is almost perfect. And, like I said, it isn't.
Sorry, but that's an opinion and not a fact. Clearly when you say something is perfect, or not perfect, you are comparing it to something. Most likely you are comparing it to some ideal of what a perfect game is to you. That's not what the game designers are trying to do (not ones that make the game that they want to make).

Let me ask you people this,
Why couldn't there have been a checkbox that allows the player to decide if he/she wants to carry a torch AND gun ?
Then surely, *I* get to decide how *I* want to play Doom 3, NOT Carmack, or you lot.
I'm getting a little sick and tired of games designers who
1. Think they are Steven flippin Spielberg
2. Think they can tell the player how He/She should be playing the game.
3. Write fantastic looking engines, but forget about actually writing a game to compliment it.
Once again, that last point there is an opinion, not a fact.

Does it irk you that game designers have the control over how the game turns out, and not you? Surely you don't have the same problem with a movie or a book? Games are trying to tell an interactive story that has the feel that they want to give you. They can't give you all the choice to play the game as you choose, because then the story and feel as they imagined (and created it) has changed, and isn't what they wanted. *Shrugs*.
Thing is, I don't even find complete darkness even remotely scary. I'm not afraid of the dark, so why is it such a used cliche, where it's used as a cheap gimmick to scare people ?
Would you go and watch a horror movie, that was completely filmed in pitch black darkness, and all you could do was listen to sound effects ?
Would you find it scary ?
I would be more frustrated, and p*ssed off, than feeling tension, and fear.
Well that's kind of a moot point anyway, cause the game isn't so dark that you can't see where you're going without the flash light.

For me the scariness (should probably call it suspense) of the game comes out of the feeling of something wrong with the place. Something evil, something intangible, but something that can mess with me if it wanted to. The thought that something that you can't see (not even with a flashlight) is watching you, following you, waiting... that's the part that makes it scary or suspensful to me. I actually feel safer and less scared when I'm blasting away at monsters. The dark parts don't scare me as such, but I do get a shock when something comes jumping out of it at me. Shock and fear are different things.

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