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Default Re: No Innovation in First Person Shooters

Originally Posted by karkrash81
now here's a game i would like to see:

set in the 60's or 70's in Berlin. it'd be a stealth game with a dark heavy would be the height of the cold war and the berlin wall would be up...if a developer could really infuse the environment with the sense of desperation that the east berliners felt...imagine the gameplay possibilities...political assassinations, escaping to democracy, sneaking through STASI facilities...blasting commies... if anything the gameplay would be as interesting as splinter cell...
In a similar vein, how about something in pre-WWII Germany? I'm reading a book right now, Jeffrey Deaver's Garden of Beasts ... set in Berlin, 1936 ... an American hitman has been "recruited" to assassinate a high-level Nazi. As I've been reading through it I've been thinking how cool it would be as a game ...

Anonymous Rex is another one ... sorta like Max Payne, but the main character is a velociraptor disguised as a human. Think of the possibilities!

I wonder why more games aren't made from books? I can't be the only gamer who likes to read, can I?
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