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Default Re: No Innovation in First Person Shooters

Originally Posted by jnd3
I wonder why more games aren't made from books? I can't be the only gamer who likes to read, can I?
What's a book?

My friend and I were having a similar discussion to this the other day. We ended up trying to brainstorm new game ideas and the best one we came up with was inspired by one of our favorite anime series - Battle Athletes.

We have it set up as an MMORPG where players can create and train their character in various athletic events - everything from biathalon to the 100m dash. Players can compete against each other and earn points to allow them admission to the "University Satellite" where the best of the best athletes again compete. If you don't make the grade, you get sent back home.

It's a game that could easily be done with a retuned KOTOR or Star Wars: Galaxies engine (at least I think it could).
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