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Default Re: Disappointments in doom 3

Sorry, but that's an opinion and not a fact.
But It's MY opinion.

Clearly when you say something is perfect, or not perfect, you are comparing it to something.
CLEARLY, You have no idea what you are on about

Once again, that last point there is an opinion, not a fact.
Millions of people all moaning at the same thing, is NOT just an opinion. If it was just a handful of people across the web, the you'd have a point.

Does it irk you that game designers have the control over how the game turns out, and not you?
Did I ask for how I want a game to turn out ?
All I want is a bit of freedom to choose. If I wanted a linear experience, without ANY sort of interaction on my part, then I'll hire a DVD movie.

Games are trying to tell an interactive story that has the feel that they want to give you. They can't give you all the choice to play the game as you choose, because then the story and feel as they imagined (and created it) has changed, and isn't what they wanted. *Shrugs*.
For crying out loud, all I ask for is a bit of CHOICE. It's not like I asked if it was possible to do the washing up, Hoover the place clean, Start a David Hasslehoff fan club, run around naked while singing "Sunny days are here again", or open a mars based garden centre for Hell Spawn.

Well that's kind of a moot point anyway, cause the game isn't so dark that you can't see where you're going without the flash light.
Right, and I have the monitor brightness on full, the ingame gamma on nearly full, and the ATI CP gamma on not quite but nearly there almost full. And I STILL can't see a damn thing.

To me, it's clearly you have an agenda with those that have differing opinions to you.
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