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Default Re: Disappointments in doom 3

Originally Posted by D.K.Tronics
Millions of people all moaning at the same thing, is NOT just an opinion. If it was just a handful of people across the web, the you'd have a point.
Actually, it IS just a handful of people across the web that are moaning and crying. See my above post about the vocal minority. By the way, the implication is that the majority aren't saying much because they don't have anything to complain about.

Originally Posted by D.K.Tronics
Did I ask for how I want a game to turn out ?
All I want is a bit of freedom to choose. If I wanted a linear experience, without ANY sort of interaction on my part, then I'll hire a DVD movie.
<sarcasm>Yes, what a reasonable and appropriate comparison. I mean, there was no interaction at all when I was using that crane to pick up barrels of toxic waste and dropping them into an incinerator, or the computers that have interactive menu systems that I used.</sarcasm> For comparison, please point out a first person shooter that is so much more interactive. And of course, a first person shooter being rendered in real-time on your PC where you control every movement your character makes it totally comparable to a DVD movie. Brilliant comparison, again.

Originally Posted by D.K.Tronics
But It's MY opinion.
Yep, and no one cares.

Originally Posted by D.K.Tronics
Right, and I have the monitor brightness on full, the ingame gamma on nearly full, and the ATI CP gamma on not quite but nearly there almost full. And I STILL can't see a damn thing.
I've addressed the "OMG LOLZ THIS G4M3 IZ SO DARK!1!! OMG LOLZ." ridiculousness in previous posts. Suffice it to say you are exaggerating to the point of lunacy and we'll leave it at that.

Originally Posted by D.K.Tronics
For crying out loud, all I ask for is a bit of CHOICE. It's not like I asked if it was possible to do the washing up, Hoover the place clean, Start a David Hasslehoff fan club, run around naked while singing "Sunny days are here again", or open a mars based garden centre for Hell Spawn.
Sounds to me like that's exactly what you're asking for. Doom 3 never purported to be anything other than a run-n-gun blast-everything-you-see shooter game with a creepy atmosphere and demons from hell. I don't understand what level of interactivity you were expecting, but what was delivered was far beyond what you usually see in an action FPS like this, especially from id.
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