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Default Re: Disappointments in doom 3

Originally Posted by vampireuk
Quit it with the childish complaining kids, people are bringing up their concerns with a game in a respectful and adult manner, you lot however are dismissing them like little children, almost fanboy like. Show some respect, the game has problems to some people and you have no right to start acting like idiots because somebody does not agree with you.
We're acting like idiots because we're asking people to stop complaining about insignificant flaws in Doom 3? Fanboy like, huh?

So we're idiots and fanboys? I'm sorry, I didn't realize name-calling was so mature and adult-like. And I can't think of anything more mature than whining about something over and over again like it's gonna make things better even though it won't. People love reading other people whine. Makes for great conversation, don't you think? And writing condescending posts while completely ignoring what was said is a great way to argue a point. I'm truly humbled by your wisdom.
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