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Default Re: Disappointments in doom 3

Banned over a strong Doom3 view? The guy just had a strong view not like he cussed or called anyone out or nasty names. Scarier than the game. On topic though I think the one thing that Doom3 did different that most can agree on is was with the flash light which at the same time most are dissapointed with even though I had no problem with it and felt it added to the game. Thats why we have no change in this genre I think everyone wants everything to be the same. BF: Vietnam to be like BF:1942, Far Cry like Doom, I am stretching but get my drift? Always comparing and complain instead of enjoying a game for what it is. It was not the best greatest game I ever played but was ok and I took it for what it was. Some of you are just to technical and should be designing games instead of playing them.
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