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Default Re: Disappointments in doom 3

vampireuk and I have settled this thing in a civil manner.

To start with, I want to clarify that if my speech seemed abrasive it was merely to further my point, not to attack any board members. It isn't my intention to insult anyone, merely to debate my views. I do apologize to those who felt insulted by my posts.

With that said, I stand by my comments. My point is that the people complaining about Doom 3 are doing so with blatant disregard to its merits. This creates the impression that the game is riddled with problems and not worth the money. While this may be your opinion, it is not shared by many others when compared to the current base of people who have played Doom 3 and my point is that WE GET IT, you don't like it. Enough already. From an objective perspective it isn't as bad as you say and I still challenge any one of you to actually respond to the points I make in my posts rather than making off-topic remarks. And D.K.Tronics, I agree that people should be allowed to post their views on a subject. However, if someone disagrees with you, they too should be allowed to express their views. I made a blanket attack on Doom 3-haters and backed it up with valid points to which no one has yet responded. In a debate, that's what we'd call "winning". Read LiquidX's post as well, as he makes some very good points.

By the way, vampireuk did not ban me for disagreeing strongly. The PMs I sent him were extremely inflammatory and I deserved what I got, but like I said, we settled it between ourselves. He's not some brutal facist admin or anything.
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