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Well, I imanaged to install and run Fluxbox (I'm actually using it right now! oooOOOooo....), and wow, is it ever a stripped-down GUI. At least it does have the proper menus, but I'd really like it if I could select a wallpaper for the desktop.

Anyway, my primary question right now is, how can I select fluxbox to load at startup? Right now I have to log into failsafe mode and run it from the console there.

Additionally, in order to get everything installed properly (Specifically, the graphics drivers), I originally selected text login. How can I change this to graphical login (I imagine I just change the init mode somewhere to 5 from 3?)?

And, my last question. I'm using an nForce motherboard, and I still can't get sound to work properly in all apps. nVidia's drivers apparently use the i810 audio drivers, so is there another place I get try some different i810 audio drivers at?

Update: Well, I guess I fixed the sound issue, due to a nearby thread on this very forum The sad thing is, I actually had the alsa drivers on my system from when I was trying to fix this very issue a while ago...I guess I just didn't follow through...

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