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Unhappy RTCW won't start

I have just upgraded to RH8.0 with the latest kernel. I compiled and installed the Nvidia drivers. UT2003 rocks.

My problem is Return to Castle Wolfenstien won't start.
I copied the "main" folder from Windows to the install dir after running the 1.33 installer. This worked in rh7.3.
What I get is a can't find wolfsp error. This error pops up with both single and multiplayer games. I have checked the dir and both executables are there. What gives.

I checked the scripts that launch the game and it is pointing to /usr/local/games/wolfenstien. this is where the exe's are residing

To prevent the "Pirated copy" posts, I am using a retail cd.
Said Win 9x or better.
So I installed Linux.
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