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Well, thanks everybody, I managed to go over to the alsa site and installed the drivers just fine. After a little bit of playing around (I had to remove the reference in the modules.conf file to nVidia's driver so that the alsa driver would work), it works just fine.

Except for one major problem. Static.

It appears to be a CPU usage issue, so it may possibly be fixed when my new CPU arrives this week, but somehow I doubt it. The problem is this: I get static when playing sound. In a program like xmms, depending on the song, it will play excellently for a few seconds, and then start to get major static. It really looks like it's some sort of timing issue somewhere. Any ideas? I'm hoping it's not a low-level driver thing (Which seems likely...) that I'd have a hard time fixing....

Heh. Looks like I found a solution. Using the OSS driver appears to produce no static. I don't think this is going to help with UT, though...

Update 2:
Okay, guess I fixed that one, too! All I had to do was switch back to ALAudio from GenericAudio.

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