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Default Re: Stability problems with 6800 Ultra w/ nforce2 chipset?

Originally Posted by bms20

Is anyone else having problems like this with 6800 ultras?



I have as posted earlier lots of problems with my 6800 Ultra. Had a Quadro 980 XGL, and the box was 100% stable with 61.06. Changed to the 6800 Ultra, and one of the monitors would not go into the native resolution of 1600x1200. I am now running with only one monitor. Some OpenGL applications works, some causes the box to freeze totally. Nothing short of a power cycle will help. I have also experimented by turning AGP off, but it did not help. The box even freezes totally sometimes when only 2D applications are running.

Have tried to upgrade to 61.11, but that did not make any difference.


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