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Default Re: FX 5800 Ultra pwns FX 5700 Ultra

Originally Posted by mikechai
It will be interesting to see 5800U vs 6600GT. 500/1000 vs 500/1000 and same fillrate in multi-texturing.
We'll be able to see the gain due to new and more efficient architecture.
I agree, I'm looking forward to this one ... looking at the raw specs, they're almost contenders ... except for almost twice the vertices per second on the 6600.

GeForce FX5800 Ultra
Memory Bandwidth: 16.0GB/sec.*
Fill Rate: 4 billion texels/sec.
Vertices per Second: 200 million
*Effective bandwidth value considering the data compression techniques used in GeForce FX

GeForce 6600 GT
Memory Bandwidth: 16.0 GB/sec.
Fill Rate: 4.0 billion texels/sec.
Vertices per Second: 375 million
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