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Default Re: No Innovation in First Person Shooters

Kill Bill is awesome. Yeah, it would be pretty damn cool if a game played out like that, and Max Payne kinda did occasionally if I remember right. Or maybe it was Max Payne 2. I dunno, but both those games rocked. But I like what you're saying about innovation, and I totally agree. You know what I'd like to see? A game set in the middle ages that is actually REALISTIC. You know, without trolls and wizards and magic arrows and crap. That's all cool and everything, but it'd be even cooler to play as a crusader or a knight or something, and actually do the kinds of things they did. That would be neat. Just imagine - you could smite hordes of evil Muslims in your great campaign to reclaim Jerusalem in the name of God, raping and pillaging along the way, just the way Jesus would want you to! You could take Muslim children as your slaves and force them to do any manner of things because, after all, they are godless heathens desecrating your holy land! Think of the possibilities!
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