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Default Re: 5800U walks tall on Doom3

Originally Posted by Rollo
High Q/0X8X
10X7=42.4fps 10X7 2X 8X=35fps

Med Q/0X0X
10X7=50.4fps 10X7 2X0X=41fps

Of note: check out those 10X7 and 12X10 High Q scores! Why should we care?
5800U vindication
5950 10X7=43.7fps 9800XT 10X7=46.6fps
5950 12X10=30.9 9800XT 12X10= 31.9fps

128bit or no, 5800U had teh cajones......

Man, what are the rest of your system specs, and have you done any tweaking to the config? My 10x7 medium quality timedemo nets me about 37 fps (the 8x6 high quality timedemo gives me a higher score, but it hitches a bit every now and again). Granted, I'm a little old on the rest of the stuff, but that seems like a rather large difference!
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