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Default Re: New driver Nforce and Kernel 2.6.x?

Problem solved. Just as I was posting the question, "Where are the nVidia guys when you need them, I checked the linux drivers page and Bingo! new driver complete with installer - 1.0-0283. Got it, installed it, built it for my custom kernel, ran soundcard detection. Ferora still tries to tell me it's snd-intel8x0, but the test sound plays. I have
alias eth0 nvnet
alias sound-slot-0 nvsound
in /etc/modprobe.conf. N.B. I discovered that /etc/modprobe.conf has replaced /etc/modules.conf now, whcih is handy to know. I have moved my old /etc/modules.conf out of the way.

Nice one, nVidia!
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