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Default Re: No Innovation in First Person Shooters

Warner Bro's acquisition of monolith was one of the worst things that could have happened to monolith in my opinion...hopefully they won't stifle monolith's creative ability...

Maybe now since crytek had great success with far cry their next game will be something new and fresh...

Yeah, where's a good dinosaur first person shooter? you'd think that it would be an idea that someone would have tried by now....

Don't you think doom 3 would have been more compelling if you had met someone half way through the base and she helped you out the rest of the game and then gets killed at the end...that would have made the mundane plot a little more interesting

now when gameplay is concerned i've noticed that a lot of games try to ad more abilities to the player but the controls end up being too numerous...far cry had too many controls if you ask me...sometimes its hard to go around blowing stuff up when there are too many buttons to press... i really liked doom 3's simplicity in terms of controls...except no leaning??? i think it's going to be a challenge for developers to keep making more involved gameplay while keeping user interface easy to use and simiple to learn...i thought raven did a particularly good job with jedi outcast and jedi academy in terms of controls...there was a lot you could do but the controls never became burdensome...force powers, secondary fire, lightsaber stance, weapons, etc...

i have always found it helpful to use a use a five button mouse...can't stand it when a game won't let you use a five button mouse...i can't imagine how i played games without one...
it would be real nice to see a continuation of the hexen / heretic series from them...
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