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Default Re: 5800U walks tall on Doom3

Originally Posted by rewt
New drivers are still making the FX series perform better. I think, somehow by making the 6800 perform better in the driver, we get performance benefits too. It could be that nVidia is still working on improving the FX series? We do get a lot of the same IQ options as the 6800 (i.e. High Quality, Tri Opts, Aniso Opts, etc) which older cards simply don't have in the control panel.
What would happen in a perfect world is id would release the nV30 path as a patch, and nV3x owners could get a HUGE increase, albeit at partial precision.

Why do I say this? Consider:

Hmmm. Last year, 95fps for a 5800Ultra at 10X7 med quality, on a P4 3GHz.

This year, I get 50.4 fps on at those settings on a A64 3000+?! Even if it's a different demo, that's half the performance. Where did it go?
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