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Default Re: 3-D Stereo Gaming Bliss

Yes... I have to echo this.

I just picked a pair of 3D eXtreme glasses off of eBay new for $34.95. I had not messed with 3D since my original Wicked3D VooDoo2 cards...

WOW!!!! I booted up Call of Duty, installed the no-crosshair mod, and I was BLOWN AWAY! Unbelievable immersion.... and when running refresh at 120mhz or above (I was running 144mhz with 1088x612 on my 24" Sony W900) absolutely no flicker. I did not even experience any eyestrain. Truly amazing.

A few questions though: Are there any good 3D gaming forums where users share experiences, tweaks, etc.?? Also... I too can't get Doom3 to work correctly as I have a 6800Ultra. How do we report driver bugs to Nvidia so they know? I could not find a link anywhere.

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