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Default Re: GeForce 6800 and random freezes

Originally Posted by Raptorman
I fixed my "pause" problem by setting the low-power 3d and performance 3d clocks the same. Seems my card would run the performance 3d clocks for about 30 seconds and then go into low-power 3d mode. Setting the clocks the same for both completely eliminated the pause.

Perhaps this would work for some other peoples issues as well?
How did you set the low power 3D clock? It doesn't show in control panel, and it's greyed out in rivatuner for me.

I can adjust the regular 2D/3D clocks (which fixed my pausing) but I can't adjust the lp3D. I've noticed that just after gaming, when I quit to desktop, the speeds drop to lp3D settings for about 5 seconds, then they jump back to my o/c'd setting?
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