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Default Re: FutureMark Interview

So, here is my idea:

Q: Please introduce yourself and what position you have at FutureMark Corp.?
Q: How long did you work for FutureMark (aka MadOnion)?
Q: What game are you currently playing?
Q: What’s your opinion about Far Cry and DOOM 3?

Q: The use of the 3Dmark ’03 has become a highly disputed topic of discussion in the past. What’s your stance on 3Dmark 2003? + What are you going to do to change this problem?
Q: What’s your opinion on the Pixel Shader 2.0b and Pixel Shader 3.0? Where are the differences and where do you see benefits?
Q: What do you expect from DirectX Next and the Shader-Model 4.0 or whatever Microsoft will call it?
Q: What are your thoughts about HDR (High Dynamic Range rendering) and will this feature be included in the next 3Dmark?
Q: What is your opinion of vendor exclusive features like the 3Dc compression technology? Are you going to support it? Futhermore: What compressions technologies will be supported with the next version of 3DMark?
Q: We have seen that you will be offering a special PCI Express test with the next 3Dmark? What will the test be like and what are your thoughts about the technology?

Q: How many Engineers/Developers are working at FutureMark at the moment?
Q: How big is your influence in the buisness and especially on bringing new features into the market?
Q: How do you finance yourself (FutureMark)?

Q: During the last three years graphics-companies have brought us programmable vertex and pixel shaders, high-quality anti-aliasing, floating point rendering, and high-level shading languages. So what’s the next big thning technology-wise?
Q: In addition to that: What do you see as the biggest issues to overcome in the next few years? (software- & hardwarewise)

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