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Default Re: GeForce 6800 and random freezes

Hey, I'm having so many freakin problems with this new Graphics Card. With how much money I spend for it, I want the best out of it. Latley Doom 3 has been freezing for 5 seconds. Itthen comes back on line, then all textures turn black, or the screen will be defected with random noise like this: httP://

I turned off the Fast Write and even messed around with overclocking. Nothing seems to get better. It just gets worse. What the heck is the problem. Why can't Nvidia Release a patch since this is a very big problem to those who are having the problems.
Please help as quick as possible, I want to get back to finishing Doom 3 and finally start play FarCry again. FarCry freezes every 5 seconds.

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