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Default Re: Far Cry benchmark

Originally Posted by Sazar
mal are you talking about stock score for pi or oc'd?

I have a hard time believing you are getting 36 seconds with a canterwood @ 3.9ghz... sounds a little high...

wrt "therapture"

not sure if the cpu itself will account for the performance differnce but keep in mind we (dazz and myself) are both running a higher fsb which DOES account for some of the difference..

wrt my old 3.0c i do notice a nice smoothness in my games now (overall fps has increased...)

nice oc btw..
Sorry I missed this for so long, haven't checked this thread.

Yes it's 36 sec, check my sig for the pi details and others under CPU/Ram benchmarks. As I said I know a fellow that turns in 34secs with a stock FX-53.
Is 36 bad? I am only on a 233 FSB at max OC. That Pi number is the same at 230-233. I can also get a 36 second time if I boot 222FSB at 2-2-2-5 but my rig just isn't stable at that tight of timing with motherboard game acceleration on top. I use 'street' racer GAT on my ram at lower OCs and 'turbo' at the highest. It take a lot to knock seconds off that Pi score.

Here's a copy paste from my Pi rec file:

- Not calculated. [ 16K]
- Not calculated. [ 32K]
- Not calculated. [ 64K]
- Not calculated. [ 128K]
+ 000h 00m 06s [ 256K]
+ 000h 00m 16s [ 512K]
+ 000h 00m 36s [ 1M]
+ 000h 01m 23s [ 2M]
+ 000h 03m 01s [ 4M]
+ 000h 06m 43s [ 8M]
- Not calculated. [ 16M]
- Not calculated. [ 32M]

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