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Question Mandrake 10 & GeForce4MX & Movie Problems

I install the clean Mandrake on one of my computers.
The system is :
Intel board with lan and sound
P4-2 Ghz
256 MB Ram
GeForce4MX 64 MB
Adaptec 2940U2W SCSI
Fly TV BT878 Tv card

Kernel 2.6x (which comes the mandrake)
And nVidia drivers (i had download a month ago).

I install the nvidia drivers and the installer compiles the modules, etc. It runs properly (before x starts the nvidia screen appears and the glxgears're ok). But, when i run the xawtv or xine or any player, the movie screen's colors are wrong (for example, the red looks like green). I've same machine WO scsi and TV card, plus 256 ram with W2K3 server, i have the same problem after install the nvidia's drivers and i correct it with disabling the nvidia utilities. Is that kind of problem or how to i fix it?

The other problem is, then the tv running, i play a vidio file, the tv screen becomes black (or blank), when i close the video program, tv screen turns normal (but wrong colors). What may i do to play videos and TV same time?

PS: excuse for my bad english.
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