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Default Re: 6800 ultra freeze


Can you shut your computer down correctly? I'm still having some problems, which I think are driver/bios related:

1) If I use Point of View's overclocked 425MHz bios, I get random "!" characters written to the screen in text mode!!! Yes, text mode! But the machine stays up.

2) If I use NVidia's reference 400MHz bios (version ending with .15) I get no random "!" on the text mode screen.

3) Using either bios, I cannot shut down my computer - the machine hangs when killing the X server. (If I set the machine to run in init level 3, I can exit X safely and reboot, but sometimes I get random lockups after the reset line is thrown...)

4) If I run konqueror and move the mouse over the http:// bar, on about 1 out of every 30 times the down box icon (on the left of the http bar) gets rendered incorrectly.

I suspect that there are still some unstable timing problems with the card, and/or my card is defective, and somehow passed QC.

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