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Default Re: Far Cry benchmark

Originally Posted by Sazar
nah its not bad... I just thought it might be lower with the clock speed you have...
It's about right for P4's at my level as far as I can tell from looking around. SuperPi is considered an "Athlon" bench by many because that is the CPU that is the fastest at it. There are a few fellows with massively overclocked extremes that have very good scores but you see very few P4's like mine below 36. Some have to push to 4GHz to even get 36. I saw some 35s and 34s but these were all after 4Ghz. Usually 4.1 and up.

Like I said I can get 36 at 3.77 2-2-2-5 with Street racer from my GAT but the rig isn't wholly stable with it.

I am actually selling the 3.4 and my Ram because I can do the same thing with an OC'ed 3.0c ala, JakUp. The reason I first purchased the 3.4 was I was giving up overclocking Well that isn't happening >Obviously.

In gaming an OCed 3.0c will put up better numbers than my rig at the same GHZ because of the larger FSB. Since I am OC addicted I might was well get 3.6/3.7 with the 3.0c. I have to run all the way to 3.9 with a medium sized FSB to match that now.

I have sold the 3.4 for a slight loss, and the ram. I made up for it by selling my 299 GT for 440usd. Soon I will be sitting on a 3.0c OCZ 3700 EB and a BFG 6800 Ultra.

For fun:

Athlon 3800 with Oced 6800 ultra 460/1.2

P4 3.0c running at 3.75 Oced ultra 460/1.2(JakUp's Rig)
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