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Default Re: 1.0-6113 for FreeBSD thread

Yep, I get the reboot too. I'm running -CURRENT (from a few days ago). I've tried both FreeBSD & Nvidia AGP, similar results. To complicate live I've got an MX4000 (AGP) and 2x MX440(PCI) in the box. Under the previous version the MX440s would work but with multicards were unstable and would reboot after a couple of mplayer runs. I've rebuild X (4.4) but to no avail. Next I'll try it with only a sinly 440 card and see hos that goes. I'd like the box to be able to handle 3 TV outs, plus a fourth console screen (4 cards) but thats a big ask. With a AMD2500+ 2 movies playing is about the limit. If Nvidia would produce an AMD64 version I could prob. get 3 playing.
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