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Smile Re: GeForce 6800 and random freezes

Hey all me again I crowed to early I had more problems. With hesitations weird pauses. So I decided to play mad scientist and remove the cooler from my PNY 6800GT I removed the weird thermal grease pads applied AS5 and re tightened a very very loose gpu cooler I tested for 2 days straight 8 degC drop in gpu under load in DOOM3 and Farcry used to be up to 87 now only hits 79 WOOT absolutely no more weird hangs just gaming bliss. Check the gpu cooler I think this was a loose cooler issue they had wienies tightening these at the factory. tighten in star pattern for those of you who are a little new at this stuff. I also set 2d/3d same and I am useing 65.23 Beta from guru3d this is by far the best card I have ever owned besides the little issue with getting it to work hehehe. Peace out and Good luck. 's

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