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Default Re: FC2 and 1.611: problem with vesafb

Ok, here would be my checklist.

Check the following kernel config things are enabled

Pass something like vga=791 to the kernel at boot time (should set the console to 1024x768)

There might be something in your BIOS that could disable it. Try fiddling with stuff in that.

Try uninstalling the nvidia drivers and rebooting to see if it works. I seriously doubt it'll make a difference, but it is still possible that somewhere during the installation process something went wrong *major long shot*

I'm guessing, going by the name of your kernel that it is a stock one. Some distros publish kernels and their source modified and I find they generally suck. Try getting a blank kernel source ( and give it a go.

Try a different kernel version, I had many problems with 2.6.7

If none of that works, then either its a hardware problem (maybe your card overheated and went a bit bananas?) or just one of those annoying things that happens.

I used to use Redhat (the one that Fedora replaced) and although it was easy to configure, I found it kept killing itself. Because of that, I have little faith in distros that are geared for newbies (Redhat, Mandrake etc). I also didnt learn anything about linux from them because I didn't have to do anything manually. So I downloaded me Debian and forced myself to do everything manually. And I've never had any problems with Debian. So in my eyes, a real distro is hard :P
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