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Angry Re: NForce 1.0-0283 and sound servers

I installed this on 3 of my nforce2 FC1 linux boxes. I was happy to see that the networking problems I encountered appear to have been 100% taken care of.

With the prior release I could not get the networking to function on 2 of the 3 boxes. I tried everything. One box worked fine. They are all 3 the same board, same revision, same bios release, same video card, same amount of ram, connected to the same switch, even the same monitors, same OS, same kernel, same kernel source loaded, same everything, yet the nvnet on 2 of the 3 just wouldn't work.

This updated release worked great for networking.....unfortunately....

It screwed up my sound to no end. Everything that relied on sound went haywire. The whole thing was deplorable. I had to go back and uninstall all of the release and then reinstall only the networking.

I first tried to just uninstall the sound but that didn't cut it. So I uninstalled the sound and the networking, rebooted, and then reinstalled the networking and rebooted again.

Now things are back to normal but it was pretty bad there.

No DVD would play, no games had the sound in synch with the actions--for instance, quake3 arena would have a 1 second delay between when you fired and when you heard the sound. It was totally annoying. Any divx movie wouldn't play in synch. Audio would be way ahead of the video only because the video was going in slow motion--for whatever friggen reason. Didn't matter which multimedia player I used or which divx codec was installed.

I tested it on all 3 machines and they all had exactly the same problems.

Needless to say, I was seriously upset at the Nvidia programmer and other developers. This is horrendous work and needs some serious tweaking.
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