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Default Re: Was there/is there a 256mb 5800 out there?

eh- OK, the QuadroFX1000 and FX2000 both have 128MB RAM, so I'm feeling a bit deflated about this whole concept- might as well just run a 5800U with it's higher clocks. Here is a great review of the 'workstation' performance of the FX2000 :
An interesting quote from the review
"Overall, it's unusual that the NV30 chip can prove its performance potential better in the OpenGL segment than it can in the gaming area. It used to be the other way around. This suggests that this time the developers at NVIDIA have furnished the graphics engine with more OpenGL hardware acceleration. That would explain the driver's short development time - the greater the chip's conformity with the latest OpenGL specifications, the "thinner" the driver layer. In addition, the handling of the NV30 is much easier thanks to its highly flexible programmability." - dated March 5th, 2003
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