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Cool MK Deadly Alliance - This is paradise!!

Welcome to a day in the life with PsychoSy...

Here I am bumming around without any sleep since 9PM and
I'm reading posts about some folks have allready got their copy
of MK Deadly Alliance today and I didn't I would get mine.

Here's my reaction to a phone call from Babbages at 6PM saying
it's in and ready for me to get my paws on it!! WOOT!!

Ah I am 45 mins later sporting a Carlin-esque rictus to boot!! But the joy won't last... I'm grimacing at a very painful 10-hit combo done to me by Li Mei. She just busted open a can on my boy Scorpion! However, I do manage to beat her (barely) and I try a random combination for a Fatality - hmm, how does B, B, D, B + Circle sound? Will they show me the love?

Why yes they do!! As the screen darkens, my eyes bulge...What did I actually see?

Well, this started it...

...and if you wanna see the rest of it, you best hightail it to a store and either buy this game or show up at BlockBuster bright and early on Friday morning to rent a copy. Good grief, what Scorpion did to her mellon afterwards was gnarly!

What a day...Nivida shows the NV30 in Nude-ality form and a game I've been waiting forever for comes out a few days early.

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