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Default Re: nvnews is constipated

Originally Posted by Kamel
yes, it was a grammatical error in the way of me not explaining things well... similar to ambiguous pronouns, this falls into the category of "improper use of relative terms" using the term "never" as a relative term is not proper, as it should distinguish during the time i have been present and doesn't.

like i said, i'm not complaining, so please no harassing the camel, lmao. i was just curious what the problem was, and if there would be an estimated time when it's fixed.
No problem. I was not trying to "harass" you (there you go again with the improper use terms). Rather, I was simply wanting to give a more accurate depiction of nV News' uptime. Prior to the currrent host, for example, nV News had an uptime of over 340 consecutive days.
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