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Default FX 5900XT Owners

Hi Everyone

I just recently got a Leadtek FX 5900XT to replace my trusty GeForce3. After doing some reading and comparisons it was between the 5900XT and the ATI 9600XT but all the tests and reviews pointed to the 5900XT as the better buy for the price range.

As you all know there is alot of information regarding oc, tweaks etc. and I thought maybe starting a thread here for the 5900XT owners especially new ones like myself could be usefull for sharing information, comparisons, tips etc. I did a search and it seems there is not a thread like this already, please let me know if there is.

The one thing about the Leadtek that interested me was that some reviews, forums mentioned Hynix 2.2ns Memory which could get higher speeds when oc'd. My card has Hynix chips but i could not determine what exactly the spec was, anyone any idea of a tool to do this?

Also the Leadtek had no memory cooling so I got an Iceberq4 kit, this kit only has 4 heatsinks for memory so I had to share between chips, which I still think will work better than nothing at all. I did some testing between the stock unit GPU cooler and the Iceberq and found about 4-5C improvement with the idle temp running 39C-40C.

Using the WinFox Software that came with the card I checked the temp histogram after running 3dMark03 and found the temp to peak at about 65-68C through the tests. I think this can still be bettered using a better quality thermal paste than that supplied with the Iceberq kit.

Here is a pic of the kit installed. You will see how I had to share the heatsinks.

Here is a pic of the card installed with the Iceberq.

Can fellow owners of 5900XT's please post some temperatures to compare?

I have not done real overclocking tests yet so I will post as soon as I have results.

Please also post any other information or stuff that you think might be usefull.
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