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Default Re: FX 5900XT Owners

Originally Posted by jaqkar
Hi Everyone

I just recently got a Leadtek FX 5900XT......

Can fellow owners of 5900XT's please post some temperatures to compare?

I have not done real overclocking tests yet so I will post as soon as I have results.

Please also post any other information or stuff that you think might be usefull.
Hey jaqkar. Congrats on the purchase. I bought the exact same card. I currently have mine OC'd (via a modded bios by the one and only Jimmor - thanks bro!) to the following:-

G2D : 300Mhz *standard speed
THR : 450Mhz
G3D : 450Mhz *60mhz increase
RAM : 900Mhz *200mhz increase!

Legend : G2D - GPU speed @ 2D, G3D - GPU speed @ 3D, THR - Throttling Speed - basically when the GPU hits an arbitrary "failure point" ie high temp, low voltage and losing data it throttles back down to a set speed generally the 2D Speed - Jimmor tweaked the THR = G3D - which essentially stops the throttling from engaging.

My temps never peak higher than 73degrees C and right now its idling @ 40C. If I open the window and leave the case open it can idle as low as 30C and peak at 63C. I rarely bother tho.

I also purchased the Giant 3 cooler and tried it out. OUCH. Loud and a complete waste of time. Basically from what I can work out not one of the reviewers actually tried it on a 5900XT based card. Marley @ Guru3D did and he has been happy. I wasn't. The Thermal Grease they supplied did 100% dick to transfer the heat between the thermal block and the GPU. Followed by the fact that it never seemed to sit right on the card at all. I gave up and warranteed my card and my replacement is not going to be customised at all.

Bear in mind the 2.2 ns RAM doesn't require any cooling at all. I can touch it with a bear finger and feel NO HEAT at all. I also think the thermal adhesive that is supplied as standard that attaches the supplied HSF with the card's GPU is great quality and does a great job as is. Infact the whole card is well built. Be thankful you didn't get the LX version - . That baby comes with 2.8ns and an appropriate cooler.

Leadtek have a fantastic relationship with NVIDIA as can be seen by the quality of their cards. My previous Ti4200 is STILL running as good as the day I purchased it and recently I had to use it in place of my RMA'd FX5900XT (the one I experimented with the woeful Giant3 - Thermaltake won't be getting any more money from me). I forgot that I had disconnected the fan (in order to steal the plastic clips off the ti4200's HSF to put on my warranteed FX 5900 XT so the dealer wouldn't ask about my attempted mod :P) and I ran that baby overclocked for almost three weeks straight using only the Heatsink to draw heat from the GPU. No Fan at all and the card never skipped a beat. Not once. Well built hardware.

I hope that helps you some. I also hope you can forgive me the last paragraph of unrelated gush. :P

Core 2 Duo e6750
Gigabyte N650i DS4 Motherboard
4GB PC 6400 Corsair XMS2 DDR2 RAM
Zalman CNPS 9700 HSF
Thermaltake Soprano Case w/ clear side door and all three fans mounted
Antec TruPower 2.0 PSU
Gigabyte Geforce 8600GTS Fanless
2 x Dvico Hybrid HDTV tuners
1 x Loewe 32" SDTV @ 1440x820 custom res via SVIDEO
(can't afford a new TV just yet)

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