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Default Re: No Innovation in First Person Shooters

Hmm, I just thought of another kinda strange but fun idea that could be added to FPS games, and that is having a companion of some kind that follows you around and obeys commands. I'm not talking about Alyx from HL2 (actually Alex from Breakdown would be a better comparision) or something where a sub-character pops up every once in a while and helps you fight battles, I'm thinking something more like the dog from Shadow Dancer where you could command them to attack or disable enemies to assist you as you fight. I think it would be cool if you had a pet dog in a FPS that you could command to attack enemies, then while he's keeping the enemy from shooting you could easilly take the guy out. Obviously there would be a bit of difficulty keeping your companion from dying from sending him into a dangerous situation, which adds a bit to the strategy. Perfect Dark *kinda* did something like that, but that was more of a full-blown coop character that was played by a computer AI, not really a "companion". Wonder how easy it would be making a mod that adds this in...really it should be quite simple considering most games already have AI code for following the player (like that little drone thing from Doom 3, which I think was used in a mod that allowed it to follow you around for the whole game rather than just certain section).
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