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Exclamation Cool those DDR II RAMs!

Find RAMsinks that work for DDR II before you purchase any third-party GPU cooler for a 5800 Ultra!

The stock copper is much-needed for proper thermal dissipation of DDR II heat. DDR II RAMs on 5800s run extremely hot. Off-the-shelf DDR I RAMsinks do not work for DDR II.

Third party RAMsinks did NOT work for DDR II with my "expendable" 5700 Ultra. The 5700 Ultra DDR II with 3rd party RAMsinks never booted into Windows without artifacts. I restored stock cooling after only 15 minutes of testing because 3rd party RAMsinks were so inadequate.

The DDR II RAMsink assembly off a 5800 non-ultra should work on a 5800 Ultra. My water-cooled 5800 non-ultra GPU is stable with DDR II RAM clocked at 1.2 gHz with the stock RAMsinks.
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