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Default Re: Doom 3 - Enhance the Experience

Originally Posted by Slyder
ALSO DO THIS! If you open DoomConfig.cfg (C:\programfiles\doom3\base) in notepad and change (make sure to save a backup copy) seta image_cacheMegs "32" to a higher number, such as 128 or 265 (depends on RAM, use 256 for a gig, 128 for 512mb) you will see a big increase too. You also have to change the seta image_useCache to "1" and seta image_cacheMinK to approx "20480" (or higher)
There you have it, since the CPU wont have to unpack the textures, sounds, etc...there is a MASSIVE performance increase at the expense of no MP and requiring more HD space.

Please feel free to post your experiences using these fixes and Mod in the User Comments section.[/b]

Source =
(not to sure if I am aloud to link outside of these forums, so just add the www)
I tried the image_useCache turned on and the game exits to Windows during Menu initialization.What's wrong??
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