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Default Re: FX 5900XT Owners

Hi All

Thanks for all the replies, it really helps to get some insight into the diff stuff that one needs to know. Tomorrow I am picking up some better thermal paste and might remove the heat dist cap from the cpu, I think I might have lifted it slightly when I removed the original heatsink as it was quite stuck and had to be removed with some force.

After that I want to get into the Bios mod stuff, really looks interesting all together. Mezkal would you mind sharing the Bios info with me and also maybe the files etc. needed to do the job, it will save me from looking at all the different ones out there and fasttrack the whole thing. I also want to know how I can identify if I have the 2.2 ram, does it mean that if its Leadtek and has Hynix ram its will be 2.2?

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