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Post New nForce Drivers 1.0-0283 released

On Aug 13 nvidia released new Drivers for the nvidia chipset (NIC and Audio). New features are ie SoundStorm Support with long awaited Hardware Mixing. I have Asus A7N8X Deluxe (rev. 2.0) Debian stable 3.0r2 (woody). I downloaded and run
The installer has to compile a kernel interface layer for both NIC and Audio modules because I have a self compiled vanilla kernel 2.6.6. The guided installation process first installs and starts the nforce NIC driver successfully. Afterwards, the audiodriver nvsound is installed. The good: A7N8X-typical Staticy-Sound stops. The bad: The driver hangs Linux. YES, no [Ctrl-Alt-Del], no [Ctrl-C] no Numlock response, no Console switching etc. The Following is printed on my screen:
nvsound: module license 'unspecified' taints kernel.
Nvsound: Nvidia Audio Init Module, 23:08:28 Aug 19 2004 2004 version 1.0-0
Nvsound:   NVIDIA nForce2 Controller found at IO Mem 0xe0000000 and IRQ c1
Nvsound: NVIDIA nForce2 Audio found at IO 0xd800 and 0xd400, IRQ c9
Nvsound: Aci_device dff3ec00 Apu_device dff3f000
Before installation I removed my previous ForcedEth, 3c98x and audio modules (snd-intel8x0) except soundcore module.
Has anybody experiences with this new driver (released only 7 days ago)?
If more information about the static noise of Asus A7N8X Mainboards is needed, I will post it here soon!
Thank you for your help!

Michael (timtaylor)
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