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Default Re: Doom3 Screenshot Thread **Possible Spoilers**

If anyone wants I could post some screen shots. I'm using Ultra quality, 16AF and 8AA. I won't compress them so you can actually tell what they look like, so I'd link them (as they run some odd megs apiece).

And ultra quality does look better, but you can't tell it from most screen shots because #1 people compress them and #2 its hard to tell the superior lighting without motion. High, however, is VERY close to Ultra and I honestly have no problems playing on either of them, it's too damn dark to notice the superior specular maps (Specular what?! It's friggin midnight!) on Ultra quality. If you have the video card to handle it run the intro scene (where the counciler gets off the ship to you getting the PDA) and you'll notice the character lighting is superior.
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