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Default Re: What would you rate Doom 3 on a scale of 1-10?

Originally Posted by PsychoSy
Just beat it about an hour ago ...

I'll also add that it might have been a tad too long for my tastes (I thought visiting Hell was the final level of the game ... but it kept going!)
This I absolutely have to disagree with. Foremost is the fact that the game cost $55 and to have it as short as ending at the end of the Hell lvl would have been a HUGE negative as far as game value is concerned. I actually made a comment in another thread about how SHORT the HELL lvl seemed to me compared to the original DOOM. I HAD expected HELL to be the end area of the game, BUT I had also expected HELL to continue for alot more then what was actually in DOOM3 and was disappointed in the fact that the HELL areas ended so fast. When playing a good game, you want the experience to continue and continue cuz you enjoy playing it. Once you beat it, your like kinda depressed cuz its over. I would really like to see ID remake DOOM2 and Final doom using the DOOM3 engine(with some enhancements).
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