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Thumbs down Pakman doesn't know what he is talking about.

On the front page Pakman blames George Bush Jr. for all of the country's problems. Totally stupid, I totally disagree with that. Oil and gas prices are on the rise because of the problems overseas in venezuela and the mid east. We are poised to attack Iraq because Saddam Hussein is a terrorist, unless Pakman thinks otherwise and likes him, and our economy is doing so bad at the moment because of the aftermath from the terrorist attacks and terrorism as a whole. Plus all those corporate scandals, I don't agree with the way that Bush is handeling the corporate mess, but I don't blame him for all of our country's problems. That is like trying to say that it was Bill Clinton's fault that all of those Army Rangers and Delta Force died in Somolia back in 93, and that it is his fault that we don't have Bin Laden yet, wait, no, it is all his fault. Nevermind.
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