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Default Valve decide what fps is OK

I've read that the stress test of HL2 runs DX8.1 path on all FX cards. Its absolutely ridiculous. I have 5900XT and see that at 1024x768 it runs the test 92fps. Isn't it normal to be able to turn DX9 render path and get lets say 40-50 fps. Everything concerning HL2 benchmarking is very stinky I think. ATI is pushing Valve to deliberately adjust the performance in order to close the gap Doom3 dug between two card manufacturers. I'm sure it won't happen, because HL2 is not half as demanding a game as Doom, and lacking 10% will not make it unplayable on highest settings 1600 where 6800U makes 60fps. If when the game is done and released FINALLY Valve do not allow my card to run it DX9 I officially announce I will never even try it. I don't like first HL much either. All the fuss around HL2 benches now reminds me of the same situation last year. Hope the following events will not resem ble last year's and we'll see the game at last.
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