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Default Re: GeForce 6800 and random freezes

I too have been having this freeze/lock up problem. I only experience it during counterstrike though. And usually when I just entered into smoke from a smoke bomb (it will not happen everytime though). It will freeze and eventually come back, but everything is all broken up, even when I go back to the desk top the screen is still broken up. I have to reboot to clear it up and it may be hours before it happens again. I called PNY tech support and they suggested upgrading my mobo chipset drivers, but that did not cure my problem. All other drivers are up to date. I don't believe this is a heat problem as it has happened min after I have booted up the computer and when I go to the temp controls in the settings, I am running well below what is in the recommended temp. Someone here recommended running ram in the nondual channel mode, I might try it, but the idea of doing this to make a $500 card work seems a bit much. I didn't spend good money on "like" ram so I couldn't take advantage of the dual channel mobo. I didn't buy the "top of the line card" to have to mess with it to get it to work. I will keep scanning this forum to see if anyone comes up w/ a good solution. I am not much into overclocking or messing w/ such things. Any help would be great.

System Specs:
Pentium 4 2.8Ghz
1 gig DDR 3200 RAM in dual channel mode
Intel 875 Mobo w/ 800Mzh FSB
Sound Blaster Audigy2
Direct X 9.0c
NVidia Drivers 61.76
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