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Default Re: November is gonna break the bank account....look at this list!

Valve is ****ing annoying. They way overdelay every single game that they make, or say that they are going to make.

Half life was delayed like hell, and although it turned out good, the rest haven't
TF2 is long long long overdue (probably canceled?)
CS:CZ got all kinds of delays, and it turned out to be quite **** (with like every improvement over the already existing multiplayer game removed as well)

HL2's engine is already about two generations behind current game engines, and CS: source has like nothing improved over the current CS. With the exception of some of the graphics rendering, its exactly the game as far as I can tell.

Steam is also ****ing annoying. Anybody who has used it knows what I mean. They should just rename it to "Vapor" because of valves vaporware reputation.
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