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Default Re: nvnews is constipated

Originally Posted by Sazar
he's british
Originally Posted by Electronic Punk
Is that allowed here?

Well, if it wasn't, then both vamp and sytalor would be in a world of hurt Actually, you're OK unless your French. In that case you could probably expect a coupla jabs in the political forum

Well welcome, and yeah email and stuff on a military base can be a bit, shall I say touchy. At UNM, many of our professors also work at Sandia National Labs (which is located on a military base out in NM). They are of course tight wrt security, and sending them a PGP encrypted email wouldn't be doing them a favor Nah, I hadn't done that, though one of my class mates suggested it one time

Oh, and if it's fixed, thx guys Beings that my parents only have dialup up in the boonies, there isn't much I can tell here. But I guess when I get home on Tuesday I'll be able to see the improvements for myself...
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