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Default if you had the opportunity to redesign D3 .... what will u do?..

if you had the opportunity to redesign D3 the way you like what will u do?..

hey i was thinking about your ideas ,what will be really awesome if Doom3 had out of the box rate it a perfect 10+. ???
what would you do if the game design depends entirely on your feedback. ?

here is my list..

1) MUltiplayer offline just like QUake3.. this is by far my biggest complain. i have a poor 56k conection ,and i was expecting to see quake3 style of multiplayer ,where you can fight againts the Bots.

2)more multiplayer options ,like CTF and something else like capture the zombie.

3)more game outdoors not just small areas or rides that you can only see through windows ,but have some hours playing in Bigger enviroments.. at just can't stand anymore the closer spaces.

4) more weapons .. a flamethrower like the one in kinping and the quake2 railgun would be awesome too there ,another weapons that i will love to see that non game yet have ..are like the ability to hit monters or anything you want with a large piece of Wood? i mean a really Big one.. that will be awesome for multiplayer.. take someone by surprise an smack them in their head. give also zombies or any evil human to also do this.but also the ability to use as a projectile any object or weapon in the floor.

5)driveable terrain vehicles. and driveable space ships ,just like Halo that will be really awesome ...

6) higher polygons for every monters or humans character with many more animations.

7) a game story that begins in mars the first half and ends in planet earth .with more nature like enviroments , forest ,wind and waters effects.

8)more interactive enviroments that you can destroy or build .

9) finally better sounds effects ,with more movie like sounds for the weapons and the monters ..

if at least the first 2 in my list were added in the game ,it will have a perfect 10 in my rating. with more features it will pass the rating scale.. and there will be no rating for it.
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