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Question Re: New nForce Drivers 1.0-0283 released

Every Asus A7N8X Deluxe Rev 2.0 Board has a problem with a weird "whining" "whirring" or "buzzing" "static" noise coming out of the speakers AND out of the motherboard itself.

The reason why I post this issue in the nForce Drivers 1.0-0283 thread:
Only the new nVidia drivers 1.0-0283 made the noise stop but - like described above - linux doesnt respond any more.

There are many posts out there, but all with conflicting arguments and solutions:
Detailed description of the problem here

I have located the source of the noise in the two transformator coils below the big capacitors unter the CPU.

If you have a silent PC this noise can even be heard with closed computer chassis WITHOUT speakers connected! When speakers are connected and the volume is turned up to normal levels, the noise is very loud, approx 20% of the signal and it drives you mad.

This is referred to as "grounding problem" or "ground loop" here but I know it is rather a driver problem. It occurs, when drivers for the APU (SoundStorm), ACI (Realtec ALC650), 3Com NIC or nVidia NIC are not loaded or one of them is not loaded. In WindowsXP, this noise occurs only at startup and then it is deactivated by the proper win-drivers, but in Linux I wasnt successful yet. (nearly except nForce drivers 1.0-0283)

Please send ANY comments, even if you have the same board and you dont have this problem.

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